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Eco-Cleaning Services

Advantage Maids green cleaning services use non-toxic and environmentally- preferred cleaning products & practices together with screened staff to deliver deep & detailed cleanliness on all house cleaning tasks. Our hassle-free service makes the perfect Gift Certificate for an Expecting mom, an Over-Scheduled individual, or simply that someone special. Find below some of the popular house cleaning solutions that we proudly offer.

OnDEMAND Cleaning, (First/One time cleaning)
-Baseboards wash & wipe down
-Dust & clean wall hangings, light fixtures, and ceiling fans
-Dust & remove cobwebs
-Wash & clean window ledges
-Vacuum & straighten upholstered furniture
-Clean & wipe down glass on entrance doors, sliding doors and tracks
-Clean walls of fingerprints
-Plus all regular cleaning tasks

REGULAR Cleaning, (Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cleaning Plan)
This cleaning plan typically suits On-The-Go moms/individuals who hardly have the time to do a thorough cleaning.
-Empty wastebaskets and remove trash
-Make beds and change linens
-Scour and sanitize bathrooms
-Pick-up and straighten
-Dust furniture and decorative items
-Clean exterior of kitchen cabinetry and appliances
-Clean kitchen table and counters; sanitize sink
-Vacuum and mop floors
-Clean mirrors and glass
-Vacuum upholstered furniture
-Plus maintain detail of initial cleaning

-Clean mirrors and glass
-Pick-up & straighten up
-Clean & sanitize bathrooms
-Vacuum and mop floors
-Clean dishes & load dish washer
-Empty wastebaskets & remove trash
-Plus maintain detail of initial cleaning

MOVE IN/MOVE OUT Cleaning,(Buying/Selling A Home)
-Scrub & wipedown baseboards
-Clean window sills and closet shelves
-Scrub walls for fingerprints
-Vacuum carpets/floorsand mop floors
-Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, and blinds
-Remove cobwebs
-Scrub & sanitize bathroom scour and sanitize kitchen and bathrooms
-Clean interior of oven, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinetry